The 5 Documents (Legal) you Need before you Die

We all know or should know that planning for our future health care, business affairs and even death is important to do right now.  Unfortunately, many of us, delay, delay and delay in making the important call to get our planning started.

There are 5 documents which are essential for us all to have in place before we suffer from a future incapacity or even death.  These important documents are:

Living Will — Designation of Health Care Surrogate —Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian — Durable Power of Attorney and — Last Will and Testament.

With these documents in place you are giving your family and loved ones the tools you need to assist you with future health care and financial needs.  You also make your intentions known as to who is to inherit from you.

Without these documents in place, you may be setting up your family and heirs for frustration and the need to employ more court involved intervention (such as a court appointed guardianship).

Make your move today, contact me, Patricia H. Davis, Esq. at or at 904.614-3670 and let’s talk about how affordable, easy, and stress-free it really is to have these documents prepared.


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