LGBT Power of Attorney

Protect your interests and those of your same-sex partner or spouse through the execution of a Power of Attorney.  In general, you need a Power of Attorney whenever you want another person to act on your behalf in a matter of legal, business or financial significance.  So, a Power of attorney allows you, the “principal” to delegate authority to another person, your “agent or attorney-in-fact”.

Whether you are in a gay marriage or same-sex relationship you need to have this legal document if you want your significant other to have the authority to act on your behalf.  Some of the common uses of a power of attorney are:  Financial transactions; banking, checking matters, paying bills, real estate transactions, investment transactions and entering into contracts.

The Florida Power of Attorney Act also allows for the agent to apply for Medicaid benefits on your behalf or the power to make gifts for you to qualify for public benefits.

Better be safe than sorry.  Don’t wait for a situation to arise when you or your partner need this important document but do not have it.  Call me today to discuss how affordable the preparation of this legal document, Durable Power of Attorney is.  Contact Patricia Davis at: or call me at 904.614.3670.

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