Deeds to your home taken care of, is a good deed, indeed!

There are many reasons that a sole owner of a home may want to execute a Deed transferring or adding another person to the title of his or her house. A properly prepared and executed Deed will (in most cases) forego the necessity of a probate action, as the deed will convey the title to the property as a matter of law.

A person who owns a home prior to marriage, may want to add their new spouse to the Deed as to allow that person to own the property outright and not just retain a life estate or own only a portion of the home.

Are you in a same-sex relationship and only one partner’s name is on the Deed? There have been instances where a couple have been together for decades but never added one of the partners name to the deed. Upon the death of the title owner of the property, the property passes through either a Will or through Florida intestate laws. Save the commotion of a fight with family members through the preparation of a valid Deed. It is the only way the property will pass to you without the involvement of the court.

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