Holiday Shopping? Give Yourself the Gift that Lasts a Lifetime – Estate Planning Documents

Hello holiday shopper.

Preparing legal documents such as a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of AttorneyDesignation of Health Care Surrogate, Living Will, and Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian is something we all need to do, but is usually placed on our never ending “To Do List”.

I am able to offer you an affordable and convenient way to get these much needed legal documents prepared.  To accommodate your busy schedule I can meet with you for an evening or weekend consultation, or we can talk on the phone, to discuss the importance and ease of Estate Planning (“Future Planning”).

Once you have your Estate Planning documents in place you will feel a sense of relief, accomplishment, and security, knowing that you and your family are protected from whatever the future holds. It will be one great item to cross off any list!

Give yourself the gift of estate planning:  It is a gift that does not collect dust, does not get small, does not expire.  It is a gift that not too many of your friends will have.  It will give you bragging rights to say, I now have my Estate Plan in place, my family and I are protected from whatever life throws our way!

Please contact me by phone at 904.614-3670 or email me at to talk about getting started.


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