Parents of College Students Need Authority

When your child turns age 18, he or she is no longer viewed as your dependent.  At age eighteen, your “baby” is considered an adult.  As such, you are no longer able to act on your child’s behalf.  Insurance companies, physicians, counselors, banks, college offices will only speak with you if they have authority from your adult child.

Realistically, the majority of 18 year olds do not have the maturity, the time, or the inclination to deal with issues of insurance, finances and other “adult” matters.  Parents… don’t be caught unprepared.  The solution is simple. Contact an attorney and have a few simple documents prepared.  All it takes is for your adult child to execute the documents and you will have the authority to continue to speak to various people and institutions about your child.

A Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Surrogate are among the documents you should consider.  Call or email Attorney Patricia Davis at or 904.614-3670 to learn how easy and affordable having these documents drafted really is.

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