2nd Parent Adoption in Florida

Thinking of a 2nd Parent Adoption?  These type of adoptions have been available in Florida since Fall of 2010.  Adopting your non-legal child is the only fool-proof way to ensure an enforceable legal relationship with your children.  The process can take several months to unfold, and barring unforeseen complications and legal issues, sometimes longer.  The first step is to contact an attorney (pdavis@jaxlawattorney.com or 904.614-3670) to obtain an overview of how the legal procedure works.  Another initial step is to locate a licensed social worker or person authorized to conduct home studies, as this is required of every person wishing to  become an adoptive parent.

Another item of utmost importance while contemplating a 2nd parent adoption is to ensure your family is protected with valid legal documents.  If you pass away before you have made your Last Will and Testament, your “non-legal” children will NOT inherit from you.  There are other documents of equal importance for you and your Partner to consider, such as a: Living Will, Designation of Health Care Surrogate, Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian, Durable Power of Attorney, Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian of a Minor, Power of Attorney for Child Care.

These documents must be prepared and signed pursuant to Florida Law for them to be valid and effective.  Take the few minutes it takes to speak with an attorney today.  You will rest assured knowing that you are doing all in your power to take care of yourself and your family.

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