Elder Lawyer in Jacksonville for LGBT

As more and more LGBT elders in Jacksonville come out, there are new issues that must be dealt with. .. relationships with the Grandchildren.  A new support group in Wilton Manors, South Florida, has initiated a support group for gay grandparents.  Although there are several resources for children of same-sex couples, not so for gay, lesbian and same-sex grammies and grandpas.

The support group provides seniors and baby boomers a forum to discuss relationships with grandchildren as well as a place to sound off when their unaccepting adult children prevent them from contact with their grandkids.

Jacksonville gay and lesbian elders have other issues to discuss in addition to their relationships with family.  If not already in place, it is imperative for LGBT Elders to get their estate planning documents in order.  If a “non-legal” grandparent wants to leave all or part of their estate (money, jewelry, automobiles, household furnishings . . .) to a grandchild, it must be stated in a legally executed Will.  In Florida, if you do not have a Last Will and Testament, the Florida Intestacy Statute (dying without a Will) does not allow or provide for non-family members. 

Additionally, if you die without a Will, your estate will go to your legal children and not directly to your grandkids.

If you want to leave your assets to your same-sex partner or you grandchildren, be proactive! Make plans to talk with an LGBT Elder Law Attorney.  You can contact me, Patricia H. Davis, at pdavis@jaxlawattorney.com or 904.614-3670 to learn more.

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